Affiliate Program (Malaysia only)

What are the requirements to join the affiliate program?

To qualify for our affiliate program, your social platforms must meet the following criteria:

- No offensive content. (E.g. pornography, foul language, etc.)
- No gambling or ads for gambling.
- You may sign up for a free account here.


Does it cost money to sign up?

- Not at all! You will not be charged any fees for signing up to our affiliate program.


What is this program about?

- The Manuka Emporium Malaysia Affiliate Program is a great partnership opportunity for those who just want to earn some extra cash!
- If you are passionate about spreading the love for our unique and super effective health supplements, we promise you’ll love working together.
- Doesn’t matter if you’re a social media pro, blogging addict, health junkie, or just obsessed with our finest manuka honey it’s time you join the family here!


Where and how can I promote Manuka Emporium’s honey?

- This very much depends on you and where your community is.
- You can share the benefits experience with your friends, mummy group, kids group, sport group the list go on…
- You can start by posting on your social media accounts such as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and even your blog or website! Don’t forget to add your affiliate tracking link to earn commission.
- Posting on a regular basis and particularly, when we are running sales could be a good way to increase your commissions.
- A discount to be shared with your friends/customer where they can enjoy a 10% discount on total purchase.


How much commission can I receive?

- For every order that a customer purchases through your affiliate tracking link or code, you can receive up to 20% commission.


Is there a minimum sales requirement?

- No. You will receive commission for your very first sale, no matter the order amount. - You can track your sales performance logging into your account here.


What do I need to do in order to get commission?

- Share content about your Manuka Emporium experience with your friends, family, and social followers on your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, your blog, your website etc.
- Please tag us with all the posting.
- Any purchased with your affiliate tracking link or code, you can receive up to 20% commission.


What kind of content should I post about?

- It’s always great to share reviews and real results of your experience with Manuka Emporium’s Honey, that really encourages people to find out more about the products through your affiliate tracking link.
- You could also share your favourite recipes incorporating our products, and show how the different supplements fit seamlessly into your daily routine. 
- You may check out our Manuka Emporium Malaysia content from our page for reference.


How long will it take before I get a reply on the status of my application?

- Your account can take up to 7 working days to be approved.


When will I receive my commission?

- Our affiliate provider automatically calculates your commissions and arranges payment to you on a monthly basis in currency MYR.
- You can check the commissions you’ve earned anytime in your account.
- Please ensure your bank account information is accurate.