Beekeeper's Selection

To ensure our prestigious Manuka Emporium Honey is the best, our master beekeepers Neil Stuckey select our honey for its quality and flavour. To retain these flavours and keep the honey at its purest, we do not mix it with honey from any other region. With hives throughout the Bay of Plenty, Northland and Waikato regions, we are assured that each vintage will be a special one.






MGO 829+

MGO 514+ & MGO 263+


Selected by master beekeeper, Neil Stuckey. A fine vintage with intense strong flavours, herbal or woody characteristics.
Medium sweetness, lasting taste and a slight bitter aftertaste with a faint oily-nutty base and warm, herbal notes.
Pleasant, intense and rich flavoured.

Delicious spoonful from the bottle or paired with food and beverages.




MGO 100+


A vintage we are very proud of. Golden coloured, it’s unique flavour notes
carry the very essence of the Waikato region. Slightly nutty, medium sweetness and herbal notes.
Light in consistency, full on in flavour. Indulgence on a spoon.





All these are products direct from nature, slight flavour or color variations are part of its beauty.