Our Story




Our home, New Zealand is well regarded as one of the most beautiful places on this planet. It is also home to the native Mānuka plant or Leptospermum Scoparium. For whilst the Mānuka plant isn’t the most attractive plant in the world, its nectar is a gift from the gods. For during only a few weeks each year, bees busily gather the nectar which we then lovingly harvest for you. Naturally, Mānuka Honey harvested from different regions possesses different flavour cues, but one thing is consistent - the luxurious, healthy taste.


With such a beautiful honey, it would be a crime to ‘process’ it. Which is why we passionately adhere to our traditional, hand-crafted production methods. These ancient methods remain unchanged and as natural as possible. The time and care taken to produce the honey results in the stunningly refined Manuka Emporium Honey you taste today.


Honey is the purest of foods. It requires no preservatives, colourings or stabilisers and has been used as food and medicine by Man since Stone Age.  It makes no sense to mess with something that is already nigh on perfect. 


Manuka Emporium preserves the small batch, single region, single beekeeper traditions of honey and presents a package which a premium product deserves – a food gifted by Nature, presented as Nature deserves.






Like a good single malt or fine wine, Manuka Emporium’s vintages record not just the year of harvest, but also the fine nuances associated with the creation of such a delicacy. Like grapes, the flowers providing nectar to make honey are affected by the climate prior to and during the flowering season. Rain levels, temperature, atmospheric conditions, even the hours of sunshine - all of these can influence the fine balance of flavour in our Mānuka Honey. Even the positioning of the hives can impact the taste, smell and texture. Which is why we rely not just on our beekeepers extensive knowledge and experience but also the science of nature to help us create amazingly unique vintages year after year. 


A Summer 2018 Vintage means the honey was harvested in New Zealand’s summer, between December 2018 and March 2019.




Our honey is harvested in small batches and is not blended or mixed with honey from other areas.  Like wine from a single vineyard, Manuka Emporium honey is pure and natural, with the unique properties and flavours of a single region.